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What to do in the event of a claim?

We usually ask that clients call our office before reporting a claim directly to an Insurance carrier. This allows us to:
 1)    Review the type of claim so it is reported to the correct insurance company
 2)    Discuss not reporting small property claims that would not be to the client's benefit. 
 3)    Have the claim on our radar to see that is it being processed in an efficient manor

If the claim is severe and it occurs after business hours, you can call our main number, 718-467-8733, and hit #6 for our emergency backup line. If we are unavailable, client's can call the carrier directly. The following is a list of popular insurance carriers we work with.

        Chubb                                    800-CLAIMS0 (252-4670)                  Report a Chubb claim Online
        Travelers Personal                800-CLAIM33 (252-4633)                   Report a Travelers Personal claim online
        Travelers Commercial           800-238-6225                                     Report a Travelers commercial claim online
        Harleysville                            800-892-8877                                     Report a Harleysville claim online
        Progressive                           800-925-2886                                     Report a Progressive claim online   
        Magna Carta                         888-663-7275                                     Report a Magna Carta claim online                               
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